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To Start Your Company

We support small businesses at every stage

As an entrepreneur, you know that every minute counts. You can avoid the risk of wasting your precious time with our help. Whether it's developing an idea, making it official, or turning it into a lucrative business, our platform has you covered.


Prepare your entity incorporation documents and submit them to the Department of Commerce.

Make your Business Plan

We will take care of the market analysis and write the business plan.

Business credit and financing

We will review your credit and financing needs and share solutions with you.


MCI registration and patent application

"Listening, GBI always finds the solution adapted to our needs. Professional and quick to respond, the steps associated with legalizing our business have been simplified. Yo pran stress the pou nou. The personalized follow-up and the responsiveness of the staff really make the difference!"

Landy Barbara Stimphil CMO RADIOKAM

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To manage and grow your business

Keep your business running smoothly

We know that keeping track of business documents and ongoing compliance requirements can be a big headache for business owners who just want to manage and grow their business. That's why we pioneered worry-free compliance.


We have the ressouces to keep good books for your business.

Tax Declaration & Patent Renewal

Receive a tax planning consultation to help you save more on your business income.

Financial Statements

We ensure the drafting of commercial activities and the financial performance of your company.

Financial analysis

GBI is your best partner in the evaluation process of your company. Your stability is our concern.


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To sell your business

Sell and buy a businesses with GBI

As a small business owner, you may want to build a business that others will want to buy. On the other hand, you may want to acquire other businesses to help you grow. We've put together this quick guide to mergers and acquisitions to give you an idea of ​​what's involved in case you want to sell your business, buy a business, or merge with another business.

Business Evaluation

We have the right way to assess your business and make the right financial decisions for your business

Sell Business

You don't have to do it from scratch. Instead, you can buy a ready-made business on GBI.

Why you choose us

We make it easy to start, manage and grow the business of your dreams.

There are a host of companies on the web that perform the function of starting new entities and each has its own unique offers and packages that can potentially make you feel like they are comparing Digicel to Natcom. Although our modesty prohibits us from claiming that we are the best, here are some of the distinctive traits that we believe set us apart from other companies.

Quick ranking

We use technology and automation to make your training as quick and easy as possible.

Low Cost

We file and return your completed business documents at low cost and with no hidden fees.

Expert Service

Our team of training experts are here to help you during business hours for the life of your business.

Expert advice from our team


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Before registering your business, five tips to consider


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Are you ready to launch you company or organization?

Entity Types

  • Individual business
  • Partnership
  • Limited Partnership (Simple)
  • Non-profit
  • Corporation (Société Anonyme)


  • Registration
  • Business Plan
  • Taxation
  • Account bookkeeping
  • Editing credit file
  • Patent Renewal
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Company financial analysis
  • Business Evaluation


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